Pushkar Holi Festival

If you want to experience most energetic, spiritual, bustling, colourful Holi festival then Pushkar is a perfect destination for you.

Holi festival is considered as one of the most venerate and celebrated festivals of India. Holi festival is also known as festival of colours and love. On the day of Holi people get come together forget all resentments and spread love.
Holi festival is celebrated in March.The date of the festival is decided through Hindu calendar.
Pushkar's Holi has created a different place and identity in the world.During Holi festival Pushkar ambiance is more then just colors.You can feel the holi festival vibes in Pushkar from beginning of March.


Join us on a special customised tour where you can see holi from both sides spiritual and cultural. We make a special tailored trip for holi where our guide will bring you to the most important and colourful spot from there you can make your holi festival memorable .

The tour for Holi we divided in 2 Parts

•1 Part will be Start on 13 March
Timing-5:00 PM

The Highlights-
• Sunset from Jaipur Ghat
• Evening fire Ceremony
• Evening Walk around Pushkar lake
• Holi Bornfire Celebration ( Main Highlight)
• Dandiya Nights on Dhols

2 Part will be Start on 14 March -
Timing 10:00 Am

The Highlights
• Begin your Day with a City Walk around Market including famous spots
• Be a Part of Techo Parties ( We will recommend you best spot for the parties )
• Try Best Cuisnes

Duration -
13 March - 4 Hours
14 March - 4 Hours

Price - Rs. 1600 Per Person

Guide for explanation.
Water bottles.
Colours for Holi festival ( Skin friendly)

For latest information & News contact before 3 days of Holi festival.

Reasons to celebrate holi in Pushkar-Highlights and attractions

The festival of Holi in Pushkar starting celebrate before 5 days from actual date.Every night visitors, locals dancing with sticks(Daandiya) on Indian rhythm(Dhhol). The program start after 10 PM and continue running until 3 AM

The Holi Bonfire

| The festival began the night before with an enormous fire. The bonfire is surrounded by locals and they singing devotional songs. After people offers wooden garlands, branches to bonfire and prays for a peaceful Holi festival.

Music and colours

| The best things about the Holi festival in Pushkar is the party that starts about at 10 in the morning and goes down till 5 in the evening. The town square is transferred into a colourful playground. Alcohol is totally prohibited but the DJ playing thumping electronic music and thousands of people dancing getting coloured and throwing fistfuls in the air.

Kapdaa Faad holi-Pushkar

| It is famous for its kapdaa faad Holi . People tears clothes of each other's and roam around bare chested. Females are not included in this. Police and local security make sure that females will not get included in such activities.

Special best cuisine

| 5 days before the arrival of Holi, Pushkar's market is decorated with different dishes. You can find all types of dishes in small stalls. You can also enjoy special bhaang lasi.

Best sights

| If you are a photographer, documentarian or Instagrammer then Pushkar is perfect place to capture vibrant colours of Holi. The markets, buildings, roads and people totally emerge in colours.

Proper safety for everyone specially for girls

| Police and locals are available 24 hrs for help.Females are also safe in this Pushkar holi festival. The Pushkar Route will give you one of best life time experience.So join us on the celebration of colours in Pushkar

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