The 2 Sacred Circle (Kos Parikramas)

Pushkar is known as of the oldest living pilgrimage of india . As per Veds and Puranas, Pushkar region is defined as Aranya land with 'Tapovan' (forests) and 'Sarovar' (lakes) flourishing in the mountain range of the Aravali hills. Everyday more then 15 thousand tourist came to visit Puskar. Generally tourist came to visit Pushkar for brahma temple & Pushkar lake but there are lots of things to see in Pushkar which is still hidden and far away from visitors thinking.

The main motive of our platforms to bring and shows tourist real Pushkar. The Pushkar route created a very special and unheard tour of Pushkar which will give you a complete view of sacred town .

The 2 Parikramas ( Sacred Circle )
According to the legend, Lord Brahma asked all the devotees who attended the yagna (fire rite), to do the Parikrama or circumambulate the Sarovar and the sacred landscapes. This sacred ritual is still practiced by the devotees and pilgrims do the Parikrama around the Sarovar. There are three parikramas or KOS yatras, namely 7.5 KOS parikrama, 24 KOS parikrama which comprise of various religious sites being visited by the pilgrims with the three sarovars, Pushkar, Budha Pushkar and Madhya Pushkar. In Hindu tradition, the term “Kos” refers to a unit of distance measurement.

The concept of Kos Parikarmas in Pushkar is deeply rooted in spiritual significance, symbolizing the completion of a sacred journey. It is believed that by undertaking both Sacred Circle Kos Yatra, one can experience spiritual fulfillment and attain closeness to the divine. Visiting every shrine in Kos Yatra of Sacred Pushkar .Indeed, as mentioned in the Hindu holy book Padma Puran , one gets rid of all his sins if he or she completes the Kos Yatra or Parikrama”.

Generally We Prefer 2 Parikarmas( Sacred Circle) to our tourist .You can complete each of them in a day . The 7.5 Kosh Yatra” is the 24 kilometers journey (pilgrimage) and 24 Kos ( 72 Kilometres) of the Pushkar Area which includes Forests (Van), Gardens, sacred Kunds(Ponds) , villages ,Caves in between mountains and thousands of temples . Each destination holds immense spiritual importance and offers devotees an opportunity to connect with the divine presence of Sacred Energy .

The Sacred Circle of 7.5 Kos & 24 Kos - The circle of 7.5 kos and 24 Kos gives you a complete view of Pushkar includes all the famous temple and places to visit . We will give you opportunity to visit more then 50 sacred and historical sites with our guide and we created this tour in a very smooth amd easy manner you are not going to feel hectic .

Main Motive for the tour-

  • • Understanding the concept of Kos Parikarmas and its Spiritual experiance
  • • Exploring the Hidden Sacred Sites
  • • Divine Pastimes & Legends associated with each destinations.
  • • Exeperiance the Spiritual essence of Sacred town Pushkar

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